I’m a story-based brand copywriter

Multinational brands through to soloist businesses hire me to transform their meaningless messages into heartfelt content and stories centred on their culture, customers and core values.

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Christian bale in the dark knight credit warner bros article

Batman Branding for Remarkable NFPs - Part 3 - Evolving Your NFP Brand? Build Your Brand Mythos

He’s 78 and one of the most iconic characters ever created. But it wasn’t by accident. Since his debut in 1939, Batman’s mythos has evolved and transcended his comic book birthplace. He now features across every media platform – print, digital, TV, movies, gaming – and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone, of any generation, who doesn’t know him. This final article in the 3-part series, explains how the Batman brand has evolved and become a legend of brand storytelling.

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The Swift Method of Brand Domination. How delight and surprise builds brand-fan loyalty

An article ghostwritten for a client and published in Professional Beauty (Aust) magazine.

“She’s a branding superstar … dressed as a popstar. Why? Well first there’s the impossibly perfect red lipstick, talent and fashionista looks. But it’s the relationship her fans that makes her a brilliant businesswoman.
Yes, we’re talking Taylor Swift. And it’s all true..."

Colored pencils article

Portfolio of copywriting samples - WORD SWORDS

One of the cardinal rules of copywriting is 'show don’t tell'
That's true whether you’re writing a brand story, tender or website. So instead of me telling you about my work, have a look for yourself.

Here are examples of my brand, marketing, feature article writing and editing work.

Xwhy innovation.png.pagespeed.ic.gep4joabsr article

4 ways curiosity encourages a culture of innovation

"Do you consider yourself… curious? To be honest, most people say yes, especially considering that the opposite traits – being close-minded and dull – are not very flattering.

But just how curious are you? Do you push past the accepted, toward the unconventional? Do you look at processes and products and ask “Why not?” Do you incentivise your people to share their urge to ask more of your business?..."

Irma after the ride at the orphanage article

How Turning your Life Upside Down Makes it Right Way Up

At times, you’re pushed to the edge. You have too much to do, only the urgent (instead of the important) things are getting done and your inner compass is broken, so you can’t find true north. Normally, at that point, the last thing you think you need to do is either take on more or turn your world upside down. But Irma Zimmermann discovered that was exactly what she needed to do, to reinvent her life…

Dark knight rises article

Batman Branding for Remarkable NFPs - Part 2 - Know What’s at Risk for Your NFP Customers

Heroes and villains. Batman and Bane. On the bell curve of all people, they’re the outliers, the extremes. Which one is your NFP? Most people would say the former… but how were the people of Gotham inspired? Who gave them the right story and reason – the one who changed them from bystanders to participants? The second of three articles, explains the different ways Batman and Bane evoked the people of Gotham City and how, for your NFP to do the same, you need to ask-and-answer four questions…

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Brand Bling in a Blue Box: How an iconic brand delivers its promise

An article ghostwritten for a client and published in Professional Beauty (Aust) magazine.

"A brand is a promise. And while great brands make sure they deliver that in every single customer interaction, few can say their promise is personified by a blue box. The last of this series of seven branding articles explains how a brand that consistently keeps its promise … can become a timeless icon…”

Feeling good 500pix article

How Two Wheels, Blindness and a Black Dog Changed a Life

Oliver Zimmermann was in big trouble. He just didn’t know it. Even after riding his bike into the back of a car (ironically outside a blind school), he was still unaware he was living in a dark, lonely place. His problem remained that way – hidden away in secret – for ten more years, until another bike and a 500km ride took him in a new direction...

Images2 article

The eyes have it: Purpose and passion deepen culture

"Too many people told Neil Blumenthal and his co-founders that no one would buy glasses online. Yep, too many people to listen to. So they didn’t. They passionately believed in disrupting an industry and built a business – Warby Parker – on a buy-one-give-one model whose knock-on effects have been widespread.

What else did they learn? Having a purpose greater than yourself adds a deeper meaning to your culture..."

Images4 article

Chasing more? Link your people with their passions

"Let’s not quibble. A positive workplace culture fosters people. And it’s their power and passion that lifts you from being a standard operator to an industry leader.

But are you really thanking them the way they want to be thanked?
Across radical startup cultures to established corporations, there are numerous models used to shape the way you thank and incentivise your people. Which one is best?..."

Kh article
Caio Vinícius Barsotti

Kennards Hire - Managing Editor, Brand Journalist and Writer

Kennards Hire quarterly internal (print) publication -
The Kronicle - cultivates and reinforces the company culture as well as sharing company, people and customer stories.

I manage the overall editorial direction, flat plan/pagination, write editorial, subedit and proof (remotely online) all text and design layouts for the magazine.

Other major projects undertaken:
- (Award winning) Family Business Aust Award submission for the Kennard Family
- Copywrite Kennards Hire website to suit new brand TOV guidelines and company values.
- Ongoing blog posts for internal (Kennect) intranet in support of company values and culture program
- Miscellaneous writing/editing tasks

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What’s Baked into Your Brand? Is it FAB?

An article ghostwritten for a client and published in Professional Beauty (Aust) magazine.

"It’s actually almost alchemical. Put sticky spoonfuls of dough in the oven and you get warm, gooey cookies. Except … it’s not really magic, it’s science. Mmmm… And that’s exactly what a great brand message should do for you..."

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If You Build Your Brand, Will They Come? Ask AIDA...

An article ghostwritten for a client and published in Professional Beauty (Aust) magazine.

"Sometimes you can get a little too much sun, basking in the glory of building your brand. So much so, that you start hearing voices telling you “If you build it, they will come.” That line may have worked for Kevin Costner's character in Field of Dreams, but advice like that can prove disastrous for a brand start-up. Great brands work a process to create both sales and success..."

Xthank you.jpg.pagespeed.ic. crjdlbeog article

Make their day by building recognition into every day

"For a lady that claimed to know nothing about finance, Mary Kay Ash, the founder of billion-dollar corporation Mary Kay Cosmetics, definitely knew a lot about people and what made them tick. According to her, “There are two things people want more than sex and money; recognition and praise.”
So perhaps she knew a few other secrets about rewards and recognition that we could all learn from?..."

Perfection article

Apple or pear shaped profits? Three ways your profits can give juicy returns…

An article ghostwritten for a client and published in Hair Biz (Aust) magazine.

"If asked to name the key business element that Apple has mastered, what answer would you give? Perhaps design, innovation, marketing or even smart supply-chain creation and control? ..."